I love this girls streaked, highlighted hair and her naughty teen face that just oozes sex appeal. Jenifer is one of the gorgeous barely legal students of Phil Flash’s Face Down Ass Up University. She’s really shy and doesn’t do nude shots, but these pics get damn close! After a couple of photo shoots Phil convinced her to show a little ass, which I’ve got to say is some of the finest butt that I’ve seen in a very long time. In this scene she’s wearing black stilettos with white socks, white panties and a white pushup bra to compliment her sexy red plaid school skirt. She has three piercings; a nose stud, a small stud through her lower lip and a tongue-ring. We all know what they’re good for, right? She also has a small tat on her lower back and I’m generally not a huge fan of tattoos, but her butterfly tramp stamp doesn’t look too bad at all. I sure wouldn’t mind taking a flight on her!

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