Ashley became very popular on FTV a few months back with her intense sexuality and easy-going nature with public nudity — Brianna was our gorgeous bubble butt girl last year. Put them together, and they made the ultimate lesbian combination. Their chemistry was perfect from the start… Dressed sexy they head for a cafe, while they start kissing, playing with each others’ breasts, and even using their vibrator right in front of other people sitting nearby! They are asked to leave, but continue on the other side of the mall with some oral sex!!! This right in front of many people who are walking by. After being asked to leave (again) they head over to a street corner and continue their sexual fun. Trying to get some photos out of them is hard, they don’t stop for pictures! They just enjoy each other too much. At a park, they get caught by a park ranger, and are asked to leave (again!). Then at a grocery store, more intense public nudity and lesbian play, and they are asked to leave (again!!). Having enough of that, they head home, and have a very intense oral sex & toy session that leads to a triple squirting orgasm by Brianna! Together they lick her juices from the table, and do some deep kissing. The next day, in cute summery & girly outfits, they head for a playground, and have all kinds of nude play and oral sex on the swings, monkey bars and rides. Caught once again, they head over to the ‘pink room’ where the sex gets more intimate, from soft foot sucking and play, to lengthy nipple & clitoral sucking, caught at erotic angles. Then comes out the Long Pink toy, and they both pound each other hard until orgasm, Brianna in doggie style! Later that night, they try on different sexy lingerie for each other, then put on stockings, and bring out their brand new strap-on toy. Brianna starts first, with a sensual blowjob, then a very sexy ride. Then Ashley gets the rough end — as Brianna starts pounding her doggy style, hard and fast until she has an orgasm.

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