Seeing that it is the start of the US Football season, I figured many of you guys would relate to a hot sexy girl with a fridge full of beer, it’s like a double fantasy that only gets better when I tell you I think she has a big screen TV too!

Sexy Bailey Knox is a stunning little piece, a hotty who knows how to tease like crazy. She originally appeared on a site called Party All Star for a couple of sets, and she proved so popular that she opened her own personal site, with videos, pics, and even live cam shows. In this set, her little red bikini is, well, little, and her sexy boobies are bursting to get out. She is a hotty in all ways, and she has learned how to tease in the great non-nude tradition. So when the bikini comes off, we discover her nipples barely covered by a couple of beer labels. I don’t think they can stick on there too long though!

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