The first time I found my wife, left me with extremsly appitie for sex. My wife made suttle comments about a TV personality on the news. I never gave it much thought. Anyway, we were in Erie Pa at a casino. I wanted to stay, but she wanted back to the motel. I put some cash into a slot and told I would return in few minutes. She is 110 lbs, 34c tits, nice. She was dressed in a white button top, showing some tit, and was wearing a short black skirt, and no nylons. When I got back to her machine she talking to a well dressed black guy. I notice them laughing, and his hand was just above her knee. She saw me, and said “lets go”. I told her wa having luck, and wanted to stay, but I would see if she could get the shuttle back to our room. The guy interupted and said he would give her a ride back. Great, I told her her I would be back shortly. When I did get back, they were laying naked on the bed, sleeping. She was spread eagle. I could see his cum between her legs. He woke up and was scared. I told it was ok, and to just go. She woke up crying , I told it was ok. We had great sex after.

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