CaptnJack (one of my members) sent me a package that included a few nipple clamps and a bag of clothes pins (along with a few vintage cartoon porn which I have already started to enjoy). I love the nipple clamps but always thought using clothes pins on myself was kind of…um…interesting. I got a kick out of doing it though. First time for everything. Editing this video I saw that I was incredibly shaky. I assume I either A) had to much caffeine or B) didn’t eat yet. I absolutely love the cute, lounge around outfit I wore (Victoria’s Secret baby!). I don’t have really any shirts in that orangish color so the fact that I am wearing a color that I normally don’t is pretty exciting (at least for me it is). The way I did my hair was pretty different also. I think I had done it that way the night before or a couple nights before because I didn’t want my hair down and really liked it. FTVRob thought I looked cute. The trainee photographer also assisted this shoot. Not sure if he actually shot any of the video. It kind of looks that way since the camera is soooo shaky. BTW I kept the clothespins and plan on maybe putting them up for auction later on when I decide to build a store for the site.

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