I got the idea for this shoot when I was surfing online looking at Papillon stuff. I came across this one website that had a bunch of random stuff with various sayings or artwork on it and found a doggie t-shirt that said “my mommy’s the world’s greatest porn star”. I got such a kick out of that and decided it would be super fun to do a shoot with my new dog Love Bug (LB for short.) I thought the men’s boxer shorts that said “the more people I meet the more I like my Papillon” was hilarious, but when I got them and tried them on I wasn’t too impressed. I guess I had imagined them a little bit different in my head. One of my fans/members had requested I do a shoot in a t-shirt with no bra on so here it is. I was completely shocked when I did the first cartwheel and LB’s leash get caught on my feet and I ended up flipping her around in the air. Luckily she was perfectly fine…just a little peeved.

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