This is the first video update in the Renna Meets Danielle series (so far we’ve only shot three professional video updates but I’m hoping that she will come back over here to AZ and shoot with me again.) I would love to visit Florida to shoot with her too. And since she has so many girlfriends there then we could shoot together and get a ton of great content that I’m sure you guys would love. Since I live so close to the airport I ended up picking Renna ( Apparently she had to wake up at like 5 in the morning which I thought was very admirable of her considering we were going to be shooting all day. She was such a trooper and had tons of energy which I think showed really well on camera. This was my favorite update out of the whole weekend. Renna is a pretty playful girl and I’m pretty goofy and playful myself so when you got us together for a fun shoot like this…well it turned out fantastic. Doing the double ended cucumber ride was interesting. For the first time ever I preferred being on top though so did Renna.

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