Making herself popular on Youtube, she’s got her own small fanbase as she teases away on her webcam… She’s from the East Coast, and we meet her up in Phoenix, at a mall.  She’s wearing a sexy dress and heels, and gives us flashes up her skirt and teases herself all in this public place!  Ashley then takes her to the department store changeroom, and videotapes her getting naked & trying on some outfits.  Out at the Mall’s recreation area, she gets completely naked, and fingers herself!  Going home, she picks two vibrators to bring herself to a strong, natural orgasm.  At a restaurant, she flashes some more, playing with Ashley, then exposes herself completely at a resort.  Playing footsies with Ashley (with some foot fetish action) they both go off to a public water fountain… and she gets completely naked there!  Easy going about public nudity, she then brings out a large cucumber, and penetrates herself hard and deep, and actually has an orgasm from it!  Both girls with dirty feet, they wash up in the tub, and then Isobel gives herself a nice hard breast massage.  Then in her very own intimate way, she talks to you in the bedroom, taking her panties off, and stuffing them completely inside her!  After pulling them out, she uses another pair of toys, riding, and in doggy, until she has a third and final orgasm!

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