This gorgeous, leggy, ex-fashion model reminds us so much of the actress Denise Richards… and draws many heads as she walks down a fashionable mall.  Beautiful big green eyes!  Wearing a purple dress that shows off her legs, we get glimpses up her skirt, and flashes of her breasts, all in a risky public setting!  She goes on to pull out a toy, and masturbate there!  A little interview and flashing at a restaurant, she then gets comfortable at home to masturbate with a vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm.  She spreads herself so we can get extreme closeups of her wet private parts!  Next day, in a cute ponytail and shorts, she takes a walk through a dog park and strips down naked, flashing her goods and giggling all about it!  Going to the pink room, she gets playful on the bed, rubs herself, then gets into another masturbation to orgasm.  Gets milky wet, so we zoom in…  In the evening, she shows off some sexy lingerie, then puts on another set with heels, and proceeds to penetrate herself with her sexy shoe heel!  Then she gives her butt a nice hard massage.  Playful to the last, she continues to rub herself in some cute underwear, until she can’t tease herself anymore, and uses a purple rabbit toy.  This time the orgasm comes on really hard, and she has one of the strongest orgasms of her life!

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