Something very sexy about this girl… perhaps because she is taller than most people, or is it her full cleavage?  We spot her at the airport, and follow her to baggage claim.  There she exposes her breasts, oh my!  Then in the elevator, and in a waiting area full of security cameras.  She goes completely topless at the parking area, watching the planes go by.  Back at home, she gets completely naked and starts playing with herself, plus rubbing her big breasts.  Putting on some sexy lingerie, she masturbates with her fingers, in a way so that she can have a real, natural orgasm.  Milky wet inside… At a restaurant in a flattering shirt and short skirt, she gives us upskirt flashes, while risking being caught, and exposing her breasts!  Out at a park, she goes topless again, and starts playing basketball with some guys at a court.  Of course, they enjoy it all!  Back home, she fingers herself on the couch, and uses a vibrator to another strong orgasm.  Jackie comes along to play with her breasts and butt, then Sadie gives us a nice long breast massage with baby oil.  Time for a larger pink toy, which she fucks hard to have one last orgasm… with milky juices built up on her toy (which she rubs on her belly).  Then its time to cool down by skinny-dipping at the pool 🙂

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