You wouldn’t think that this girl, who looks like someone who would hang out in the Library all day — would be so sexual!  Even though she looks so innocent at the strip mall, where she flashes her breasts, she loves to masturbate and more…   Going back home she starts fingering herself on the bed, masturbating for a long time to multiple orgasms.  She claims 20… can we be sure?  Don’t know.  Whatever the case, she really enjoys herself!  Then she tries to fist herself! Later in the day, she has her full breasts massaged by the assistant, & shows off all the veggies she bought at the grocery store.  What comes next is rather intense… she takes a zucchini and starts ramming herself hard, going bigger in size until she has the biggest (size of her foot) inside her, in all positions!  Then comes the carrots, which she manages to stuff 5 (!) inside her!  Stretching her so wide, its a must-see for extreme fans.  Then she masturbates further with a zucchini, and fists herself after orgasm.  Late night, she’s trying a long double-ended toy, which she double-stuffs herself, then starts double penetrating herself with fingers, both anally and vaginally.  The real extreme FTV Monster toy is next, where she takes it deep, rides it hard… not enough, she then rides the glass FTV Toy down deep!  Grinding hard and fast, and even anally, she has a strong orgasm finish!

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