This petite girl is seen walking through a park area, being playful and doing cartwheels in the grass… She ends up taking her top off, and playing with her full, firm, natural breasts.  Soon enough her shorts come off too and we see how perfect and round her butt is!  Spreading it for us, she then does some nude cartwheels until she is spotted by some people nearby.  Off to another park area with offices, she puts on a very cute dress with sexy yellow shoes and spreads for us — again some people spot her playing, but are friendlier this time.  Going in doggy, she fingers herself… Then back at home, she uses a vibrator until she has a nice, natural orgasm.  Notice the strong vaginal contractions… Back out in a venetian-style office area, this time in a sexy black dress & heels, she spreads some more, then tries out a large glass toy and penetrates herself deep.  Some sexy angles until she is caught again, this time by some lady who is quite upset… At home she ends up trying the infamous vibraking toy that brings her to two strong orgasms!

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