Recently turned 18, she is about to enter college, and is having her first time adult experience here on video… We watch her walk down a busy college street, looking very leggy and sexy.  She isn’t shy at all, and flashes her breasts right there, then takes the public nudity further and rubs her private parts, exposing them!  Going to her dorm room, she takes her shirt off in the hallway, then gets all naked at her place.  While her dorm roommates are watching TV, she goes to the balcony and fingers herself.  She starts masturbating with her fingers hard and fast, and has an orgasm there out in the open!  She then goes to her bedroom and teases us with extreme closeups, foot play, and trying on a cute bedside outfit.  Then, using a vibrator for the first time in her life, she has a rather strong orgasm, but continues to masturbate, because she likes it so much!  The next day, we meet at a restaurant, and she goes all out flashing, and playing with herself in this open, public place!  Then in a gorgeous dress & heels, she walks down a resort, stripping down, giving her breasts a hard massage and spreading for us.  Finding a banana, she penetrates herself deep, and tries riding it.  Going home, she’s wearing her glasses again, and wearing a cute white dress.  Trying the vibraking, she ends up having some of the strongest orgasms of her life, with some very strong vaginal responses!  She gets so wet, that she tries putting in 3, 4, then five fingers… so why not try fisting!  And she does, fisting herself hard, and nearly getting off from it.  Going even more kinky, she stuffs as many as 4 fingers in her butt, then double penetrates herself with two large toys, pushing her limits to the max!  It was an incredible FTV adventure for her, a total first time experience, and it turned rather extreme for such a petite 18 year old!

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