She’s a total stunner when you see her approach, and she’s only 18 years old!  Never done nudes or any adult before, this total First Time Video girl loves to have fun!  From the very start she flashes everywhere she goes, and eventually is all out naked in this public place!  Trying to masturbate on the steps, she gets caught, and so goes flashing at a gas station, then plays with herself in the car… We realize that she likes having all her clothes off and showing off her perfect breasts & butt.  She does a sexy nude dance to one of her favorite songs, then uses a vibrator (for the first time in her life!) to have a nice, natural orgasm.  Notice how wet she gets (milky wet).  After a lunch, she’s at a sporting goods store looking for roller blades, and ends up trying them on topless!  More daring activity continues as she goes rollerblading by the canal, and gets seen by passersby rubbing herself right there!  She then masturbates with a vibrator, and does some nude rollerblading… Later that evening, she plays around in a water sprinkler in the grass, giving herself a hard breast & butt massage.  She’s then off to the shower where she fingers herself some more, masturbating in various sexy positions. On a second day, she returns to visit an ongoing convention at a resort.  She seems dressed nice, looking like a hottie amongst so many men.  Little do they know she’s planning to flash and get naked right there!  Starting from the hotel lobby, to the poolside area, and around the elevators, she’s flashing, fingering herself, even using a toy, all while people have unique reactions to her spunky and fun attitude!  Only twice did we get into trouble, which isn’t bad for the level of public nudity we ended up doing on this crazy shoot. She just turned 18, and she wants to come back for more… You will only see her here, on FTV!

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