FTV exclusive Wendy returns, for a two part special… she’s pregnant! We meet her while she’s about 7 months, and she re-introduces herself, and shows off that sexy & pregnant form. Her breasts are much larger than they used to be (she used to be A-cup) and her nipples are swelling up! She gets naked, fingers herself, and masturbates with only her fingers the way she does in personal life. Then she massages her breasts, and the breastmilk slowly forms on her nipples. She makes them drip with fluid… In a dress & heels that still looks hot on her, she fingers some more, then experiments with the vibraking toy. Three months later, she returns, and wow, she is looking hotter than ever! She’s always been into fitness, and it shows, her body is as sexy as before, but now she has super firm full C cups as well! A change of hairstyle, a natural tan, and loaded with breastmilk. She strips down, shows off her tight figure (and no stretch marks either!) and then begins lactating. Some of the most erotic lactation video you’ll ever see, from all sorts of angles both indoors and outdoors. Watch her squirt it against the fridge, a glass table, down her body, to her feet, on her dress, and even makes her nipples sparkle out in the sun! She seems to have an endless supply of milk, and we make sure you get to see all of it. She then tastes her own milk, and even ‘lubes up’ a toy with her milk. She also looks more beautiful than ever in her white dress & heels, and masturbates with two toys. Later, in just a tight top, she walks around showing off her muscle tone, then uses a zucchini for some deep penetration. Back in the pink room, she squirts more milk into the mirror, and its by far the sexiest lactation scene we’ve ever shot. It ends with her squirting milk into the camera itself, right up close… So enjoy this very sensual pregnant girl, before and after 🙂

Originally Syndicated via RSS from Topless Cuties

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