Well… here’s the story on this one.  Two members of mine, one from Norway, another from Germany, came down to Phoenix to visit me, and see the FTV houses, places we shoot etc…  They also really wanted to see the SLR car, and wanted me to shoot in it with them watching.  We wanted to catch the sunset at the right time, and found that the parking garage area at the very top of this mall was the best spot for it.  We aren’t doing any harm, or graffiti or anything, but of course a security guard had to come up and stir up trouble.  I actually ended up bribing him $40 to go away!  The photographer was surprised by my quick resolution to this situation.  The video was taped by one of my members, while watching the photoshoot itself.  If there is more ‘car’ than there is me on this one, I apologize in advance, the guys were obsessed with it… and the police.

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