Just think of me as your sweet girlfriend, fiancée, or your super hot newlywed wife that you wake up next too every morning. Yes, yes I am very eager to please my man before he heads off to work 😉 That’s what I felt like when I was shooting this set for you. . White big bed, white fluffy pillows, white little slip, and under that white cotton bra and panties (gift from a member! Thank you very much xoxo) all with a beautiful sunny morning.  Ahhhh then I begin to shed the white layers, not before hooking everybody up with some awesome camel toe shots hehe. Then with the help of FTV’s new super high power lens we go for some extreme close ups like never before of some of your favorite parts lol.  After that I am off to make breakfast. Can’t have you leaving for work on a empty tummy 😉

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