I slipped into me silk black button up dress that give me that HOT CEO on Wall Street look. Since it was such a nice day we took it outside for the pictures to show off FTV’s new car a Mercedes Benz McLaren and my new breasts. No I didn’t get a boob job I would never do that. I am sure all of you notice the chest has a tendency to fluctuate the size. But never this much. I noticed them starting to grow about 2 weeks ago. Then while jogging they were getting in the way a lot more than usual that’s when I knew they were going to be the biggest they had ever been. My mom had always told me I would never have to worry about having nice boobs. Which I always thought I had but this is what she may have been talking about.  I have this feeling that they are still growing maybe I am a late bloomer. Oh and the car is pretty nice too. Hehe

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