Busting out is sort of a pun here, in part because of course this shot involves Sexy Monique Alexander and her sexy bust. It is also because this sexy creature has tiny tits, at least for a pornstar, and that is probably a good thing.

Monique Alexander is a past Vivid contract girl, a really hot natural stunner, who look amazing in lingerie and a bikini, that is for sure. Her small breasts are just right, giving her that fashion model hot look instead of that pornstar slutty look, and that is pretty damn good. She looks great in this purple bustier, and she looks great falling out of it, with her sexy small breast highlighted and looking marvelous.

Monique Alexander just re-opened her personal site with a new layout, tons of content, and help from Sunny Leone and her crew, so you know it’s going to be hot (and you can guess she will have some lesbo fun with Sunny Leone in there too!). It’s a great personal and interactive site, check out Monique Alexander here for more!

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