You want your girls fresh off the press? You want them new, undiscovered, unknown? Well, I think I have a find here, sexy newcomer Carlotta Champagne. I haven’t seen any announcement of her site or anything yet, I ran across a couple of galleries that I hadn’t seen before, and sure enough, they are new today. I don’t know too much about Carlotta Champagne, except that she is curvy as hell with a nice sexy ass and some serious boobies. She seems to smile a lot too, and she thinks “nude is cool”. Her personal site is rather hot, and includes some hot live cams shows and other hot stuff. You have to go check out her interesting facts video on her site, it’s the only info I could find about her and it’s pretty funny. Her boobs apparently have their own gravity!

Nutty, sexy, and naked, that’s how I like my girls – check out Carlotta Champagne here and see more!

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