Too often we are in such a hurry to check out the latest piece of hardcore porn that we miss the truly sexy shots and angles that come with it. This set of sexy pornstar Jenna Presley from Big Tits Boss is a great example of how an intense hardcore scene can also have some truly sexy moments, courtesy of Reality Kings Videos!

First off, Jenna Presley is both busty and curvy, her boobs expanded to match the rest of her nicely. I mean, this girl has got some serious ass on her, some great looks, and even her big boobies look pretty darn good. Generally, she is pretty sexy and hot. I love the idea of her big boobs sort of falling out of the bra as she undoes it, it looks absolutely hot. She looks ready for some hot action, and that is what she is going to get!

Oh yeah, the real bonus shot in this is her on the back of a motorcycle, with her skirt hiked way up, her t-back panties just barely keeping her stuff in, and her huge, sexy, round ass just dominating the screen! A truly sexy shot!

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