I was nervous about going as I’d never done anything like it before but kept thinking that it was an everyday thing to the staff there. I was also told that they pay £30 per deposit. I went through the plain front door and up the stairs. There was a bell at the door. The brass plate above the bell said “Fertility Clinic”. I rang the bell, and a few seconds later a buzzer sounded, and I went in. The reception desk was to my right, and a man of about 30 greeted me. He was dressed in a white tunic. “Hi, I’ve got an appointment at 9.15.” “Name?” “McLean.” “That’s fine, just take a seat in the waiting room and a nurse will come and get you in a few minutes.” I walked to the waiting room, and there was a another guy in there already. I started wondering if he was there for the same thing as me, and if it was his first time. I assumed it wasn’t as he didn’t look as though he was nervous. Neither of us spoke. A moment later, a girl in a white nurses uniform, and he left with her. A […]

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