Daisy Marie is a sexy model and babe I found over at Alluring Vixens, and I knew you guys would love her. I mean, without even looking at what she is wearing (or is that falling out of), you have to admit that this girl is stunning hot.

Then we add in this small crochet bikini. Wool was never meant to get wet, so this bikini is all for show and won’t even be used in a pool. That’s probably good for Daisy Marie, because there is no way this bikini can cover all of her impressive assets. This girl is just curvy in all the right places!

More over, the bikini is being stretched to it’s limit, Daisy Marie is busting out, her massive boobs are just going all over trying to find a way out of this tiny bikini, and they are succeeding, much to our enjoyment! This girl teases us like crazy with her hot model body, she’s a stunning girl!

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