It isn’t every pornstar that can pull off classy but sexy in one instant, and then slutty and wild in the next, but certainly Brooke Banner does a very good job. In this set from Big Tits Boss, she looks every part of the horny busty boss, and when the clothes start coming off her wild side (and her big tits) are exposed, and we get to check out some wild tattoos and a naughty, naughty love of sucking cock. She gets talked into trying on some new Bikinis for her company clothing line, and well, the sales guy is very impressed. He is so impressed he pretty much pops major wood. She can’t resist, and soon she is down there sucking his schlong like crazy. This girl knows how to suck good! Interesting finish to this one too, when it’s all done he doesn’t give her a creampie or a facial, rather, he comes all over her sexy feet. A little weird, a little sexy, and a little unexpected!

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