I’ll cut to the chase and skip the “Oh, I really love my wife….” crap. The truth be told, I’m a horny guy who it turned out married someone as horny if not hornier (hard to believe). And so the story unfolds…

Something just wasn’t adding up. So I followed my busty blonde blue eyed wife one day from work. And what I saw not only rocked me, but almost made me cum in my pants.

It was rush hour in NYC. As I followed her down the stairs of the subway station, I realized she was heading in the opposite direction from home. Hmm?

She darted into a crowded subway car, I barely managed to get in myself. Even though I was just five people away from her, she couldn’t see me. Everything seemed normal enough at the time, with the exception of her detour. I watched her from afar and appreciated her beauty from a different prospective; almost as if she was a stranger.

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