We meet up with her at a mall, where she goes shopping and then flashes her big breasts right there in public!  She ends up buying a vibrator, and goes home to show off the clothes she brought with her.  She loves her heels!  She’s a leggy, busty girl whose parents moved from India to the US (she was born in the US).  A charismatic and educated girl, she tries on some clothes for us, before masturbating with the vibrator she bought.  She ends up having a strong orgasm (notice the strong vaginal contractions throughout her vibrator play) and she gets very milky wet!  We watch her then play with her breasts, tease her nipples, and try on some lingerie.  She penetrates herself with another vibrator, having another strong orgasm, then tries out the vibraking toy for one last final super orgasm.  Orgasms truly come easy for her!  She is a total First Time Video Girl, you’ll only see here on FTV.

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