She’s a spunky, smiley, tall all-American girl with that big smile and super fun personality!  Experiencing many things for the first time, she’s willing to try it all!  We see her in the morning, putting on her makeup, doing her hair, and trying out clothes, then going out for breakfast.  Being from Boston, she’s excited about the beautiful weather in Phoenix, and pretty much acts like a tourist… except that she’s flashing her breasts everywhere!  Even at a grocery store.  Picking out bananas, she ends up using one as a toy, stuffing it sooo deep!  We realize how juicy she gets inside, and her juices build up on the banana.  In her classiest & sexiest dress, she visits some tourist locales, flashing away, giving us upskirt views, and risking some more…Then going home to masturbate with two toys.  Notice how juicy she gets, and the juicy sounds coming from her vagina as she pounds herself with the ribbed glass toy!  Extreme closeups of the penetration… then she takes the two toys and stuffs them both inside her vagina!  Later in the day, she’s wearing a more explicit outfit, and draws attention as she takes her panties off and her top, while around a busy street!  Risking it further, she goes to a car wash, and pounds herself with the glass toy!  Pushing it all the way, she trespasses on an apartment complex, plays with herself in the pool area, then goes into a vacant apartment and changes into a cute dancer outfit and masturbates once more!  Fortunately she didn’t get into trouble.  Later that night, she tries one last kinky item — penetrating herself with a bottle.  Cute girl for sure, and check out that sexy butt!

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